Fated To Pretend

I'm carla and I play sax/trumpet/ukulele. Into art and music. Totally not a nerd

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paper planes || m.i.a.

pirate skulls and bones
sticks and stones and weed and bombs
running when we hit ‘em
lethal poison for the system

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She's got this whole world where everything's better. The food, the garden, the neighbors. But it's all a t r a p

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how come you never see Troy and Gabrielle fucking acting in the first High School Musical. they’re auditioning for a play. a play with words. words need spoken. stage directions need be taken. what even is the plot of that musical. did anyone go to see it. how come Sharpay and her gay brother didn’t get supporting roles actually wait fuck were there any supporting roles? what is the high school musical in high school musical. why does ryan keep wearing hats.

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everything in life disappoints and ends. 

except for vampire weeken-shit god i didnt think this out damnit what im trying to say is vampire weekend is a good fucking band

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it’s not a phase mom it’s an era

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